Restoration and repair of old carpets, tapestries made of wool or silk.

True ancestral know-how inherited from father to son, the restoration is an art that we master perfectly. This work requires technical skills, patience and thoroughness, but also a great knowledge of the history of carpets made with natural materials, vegetable dyes and weaving techniques specific to each region of the world.

Evaluate the restoration of your carpet.

restauration de tapis
restauration de tapis

Beforehand, an expertise is necessary to evaluate the interest of a possible restoration. Indeed, it is important to know that a restoration is justified only if its cost does not reach 35% of the market value of the carpet. The prior expertise visit takes into account the market value of the carpet once its restoration is complete. The choice of the restoration method will then depend on the state of conservation and the value of the part entrusted. It often consists of a rework identical, made by hand, centimeter by centimeter using specific wires and appropriate colors.

Antique carpets restoration: wears, holes and repair of fringes

Our interventions focus on :

  • Old carpets,
  • Old tapestries,
  • kilims,
  • Wool carpets,
  • Silk carpet,
  • Modern carpet,
  • Carpet of Iran,
  • Turkish carpet,
  • Ghoum carpet,
  • Leleu carpets.

Our achievements :

  • Hole repairs,
  • Consolidation of wear,
  • Treatment of carpets,
  • Repair or reworking of fringes,
  • Reconstruction of selvedges,
  • Retouching the reasons,
  • Reviving colors,
  • Hand cleaning,
  • Combing the hair,
  • Rehabilitation after sinister.

Choosing the Carpet Clinic is choosing a work of excellence:

In order to preserve the original colors and bring you the most personalized service possible, at the Carpet Clinic we create ourselves our own colors. You are thus guaranteed to find your carpet as the first day.

Choosing the Carpet Clinic is choosing an exceptional job, and for that we give you a 10-year guarantee on the restoration work done.
For any additional information on our services contact us, we are at your disposal to answer your requests.