Cleaning tapestry and old carpet (wool and silk) upscale in Paris.

Cleaning your carpet is essential to prolong its life. To avoid premature wear and thus the need of repair or restoration, it is important to carry out a cleaning carried out in the rules of art every 3 to 5 years.

Indeed, the carpet wear is precipitated by the layer of dust and particles that are deposited over time. This layer is abrasive and it damages its fibers. These dusts and residues cannot be sucked in completely by your vacuum cleaner.

A preliminary study is carried out to determine the cost of washing. This varies according to the degree of soiling, the colors, its size, but also the nature of the fibers and their states of conservation, as well as the state of embrittlement of the frames.

The cost of the washing service varies according to the degree of soiling and the state of embrittlement of the frames.
Depending on its condition, cleaning your carpet may require 8 to 10 days of work.

brossage de tapis
nettoyage de tapis

Artisanal cleaning made in the rules of art.

nettoyage de tapis
nettoyage de tapis

The cleaning of your carpets and tapestries is done entirely by hand to specifically suit the fragility of each old carpet. If necessary, several baths are made.

For some silk, carpets and old rugs that have so-called “natural” colors, before cleaning, it is necessary to fix the color to prevent disgorging.

If your carpet has been attacked by moths, we perform a specific treatment to remove all traces in the carpet grounds. We also offer an anti-allergenic treatment (elimination of mites) and antibacterial (elimination of micro-organisms).

Clean your carpet after a sinister (water damage…) in Paris.

Did you suffer water damage? A fire ? Your carpet or tapestry maybe shouldn’t be to thrown away. The Carpet Clinic intervenes in particular as part of a disgorgement following a water damage.

We also serve many insurance companies to estimate the costs of restoration or cleanup after a disaster.

The different steps of the cleaning process at the Carpet Clinic:

  • threshing,
  • color fixing,
  • several baths made if necessary,
  • washing with non-aggressive natural detergents for the fibers,
  • drying in the open air,
  • combing hair.
nettoyage de tapis