The Carpet Clinic,
3 adresses in Paris for carpets restoration and cleaning 

  • 75 Bis rue Michel Ange 75016 Paris
  • 25 Bis rue Bellechasse 75007 Paris
  • 66 av. des Champs Elysées 75008 Paris (Workshop for specific carpets)
Aiguille et fil

Founded in 1962, the Carpet Clinic has specialized for 3 generations in the restoration, preservation and cleaning of antique carpets, oriental or modern carpets, kilims and tapestries.

It’s a true love story that links us to the art of carpet and textiles. Artisans passionate about their work from father to son, we bring life back to the most damaged carpets and tapestries.

Choosing the Carpet Clinic is choosing an exceptional job that we guarantee 10 years on the restoration work done.

A tailor-made job:

Because we carry out tailor-made work, we are able to scrupulously respect the dyeing and weaving processes of the countries of origin of your carpets.

We repair all kinds of damage: wear, holes, reconstruction of woolen fabric, matted carpets, whether on the surface of the carpet, at the edge or on the fringes.

The restorations are carried out in our Parisian workshops by our restaurant owners who master the art of carpet.

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The Carpet Clinic

The art of creating the original color.


Each carpet has its colors. One of the main difficulties is to recreate, for old carpets, colors that no longer exist in the trade.

Fabrication de couleurs

Natural pigments

So to find them identical colors to those of origin, we manufacture ourselves the colors based on natural pigments.

The appropriate wool

We then work only with appropriate wool, while respecting the weaving techniques from the country of origin of the carpet.


A cleaning exclusively made by hand:

Aware of the fragility of antique carpets, our experience allows us to carry out a cleaning exclusively made by hand and in an old fashion way.

Several techniques are used, made with respect of the tradition: everything starts with threshing; then a fixation of the colors to avoid disgorging on the carpets of natural colors; washing with the use of products that do not attack the fibers; drying in the open air and finally a careful combing of the hairs.

Depending on its condition, carpet cleaning may require 8 to 10 days of work.

Expertise your carpets.

Born into a family of antique dealers and object collectors, Frank Kassapian is one of the greatest experts in the field of carpets, worldwide.
As his uncles who have been consultant for the world’s greatest museums, as his father who was an expert in Drouot, vice-president of the carpet trade union and expert at customs, Frank has devoted his life to the knowledge of this art, studying history, geography, symbols, colors and patterns. In 2003, Frank Kassapian took over for his father for the expertise. He collaborates with many auctioneers in France and around the world.
Today, David Fitoussi and Frank Kassapian collaborate to assess your carpets. Expert in carpets and tapestries from Paris and provincial auctioneers and insurance companies.

Online carpet sales:

The Carpet Clinic in Paris is developing its attractiveness and professionalism in the world of carpeting through its online store.
The Carpet Clinic in Paris
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David Fitoussi

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Aiguille et fil
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